The Machines

Meet the Machines that Produce Your Print

We take great pride in keeping our factory up to date with the latest industry leading machinery to ensure that our production team can run as efficiently as possible and provide you with high quality print. As testament to this, none of our printers are more than five years old and several of the installations in our factory make use of innovative technologies. Take a look at the equipment we have installed at the moment…

Heidelberg Litho XL 106

Used for: Flyers, Folded Leaflets, Booklets

Factory Heidelberg XL 106

Our most recent addition to the factory is capable of producing 18,000 sheets of print per hour! This press is at the forefront of litho efficiency as the first litho press able to change jobs fully automated with automatic wash-up devices and pre-programmed specifications for different substrates, inks and run-times. With inpress colour control, the XL 106 is able to continuously monitor work for colour variation while the job is on press. Like all of our presses it is also colour managed by GMG software meaning consistent output can be expected.

Xerox iGEN 5

Used for: Booklets, Stickers

The Xerox iGEN 5 features an Auto Density Control system which works in tandem with an inline Spectrophotometer to assess colour accuracy and make real time system corrections. These systems ensure that anomalies are mitigated before they even occur.

HP Indigo 10,000 + Horizon Smart Stacker

Used for: Flyers, Folded Leaflets, Posters

Factory Indigo SmartStacker

We’re very proud to be the first in the UK to combine these two machines. Once printed on the HP Indigo 10,000, the substrate is then passed straight to the Smart Stacker for collating, cutting and stacking as required. This in-line system saves us a lot of time and is what allows us to offer so many products for same-day dispatch.

HP Scitex 11,000

Used for: Posters, Roller Banners, Exhibition Pop-Ups, Display Boards

Super fine details and smooth colour gradients aren’t a problem for the HP Scitex 11,000 thanks to its use of HDR printing technology. For block colours and gradients, this printer has the ability to increase the size of its ink drops and yet, for sharp details, it can also use fine ink dots for ultimate precision.

Fujifilm Jet Press 720S

Used for: Business Cards

BCC Fujifilm

Our Fujifilm Jet Press 720S is the fourth to be installed within the UK and is the printing element for our brand new dedicated business card production cell. Capable of printing 1,200 x 1,200 dpi with four levels of greyscale and eight variable ink dot sizes, this digital printer could be overtaking litho when it comes to quality.

Horizon StitchLiner Mark III

Used for: Stapled Booklets

Horizon have completely re-engineered their stitchliners to create this new, highly efficient model. With a fully automated setup that reacts to the thickness of the booklet intuitively, the Mark II models can produce A4 Landscape booklets at a rate of 5,300 booklets per hour. We’re proud to have installed two of these fantastic machines in our factory.

Horizon BQ 470

Used for: Perfect Bound Booklets

Factory Horizon BQ 470

The highly automated Horizon BQ 470 can be made ready in just a few minutes and produces up to 1,350 books per hour. Plus, thanks to its space-saving design, we can connect it directly to our Horizon Variable Trimmer HT-1000V (another 3-knife trimming system) meaning that we can produce perfect bound booklets in next to no time.

Scodix S75

Used for: Applying Spot UV

We’re very happy to be able to offer Spot UV enhancements with the installation of this Scodix S75. Using two CCD cameras and a Scodix IP image algorithm, this machine can achieve super accurate registration and add Spot UV accents exactly where you want them.

Autobond Laminators

Used for: Laminating

BC Cell Autobond

With three Autobond laminators in our factory, it’s safe to say that we’re a fan. Their combination of chrome-on-rubber and rubber-on-chrome rollers mean that we can achieve a great bond as well as a great finish on all of our laminations.

Rollem JetSlit

Used for: Cutting and Trimming

Installed as part of our business card cell, the Rollem JetSlit uses advanced cutting blade technology to cut through thicker, laminated stocks just as easily as it would thinner, non-laminated stocks. The Jet Slit is typically used to produce playing cards, so this is yet another example of how we are able to harness specialised technology for new applications.

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