Environmental Policy

Mersey Print Group Ltd is committed to conducting its business activities in an environmentally responsible manner. The business recognises the need to continually improve its operations where practical to do so, in order to reduce the effects to the environment.

In order to achieve these overall objects the following policy has been adopted.

  1. To identify and use materials and process that reduce the risks of pollution.
  2. To promote natural resource conservation by the efficient use of energy and the minimum use of raw materials.
  3. To minimise discharges, emissions and waste and their environmental effects, including the maximisation of recycling.
  4. To set annual environmental objectives and targets allowing measurement of improvements in environmental targets.
  5. To ensure compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.
  6. To continuously monitor progress in environmental performance through site inspection.
  7. To encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to improve environmental performance.
  8. To ensure that all employees are made aware of environmental issues through a programme of training compatible withy their roles.
  9. To provide information on our environmental performance to interested parties.

Please note all our waste signs are recycled or taken to a Waste Managment Service

you can click below to see our waste Carrier Licence

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