Paper Sizes Guide Line

The A7 flyer. This is the smallest flyer size that we offer. At 74x105mm it’s great for hand outs at a fair or a big event, because you can easily put it in your pocket or wallet.

The A6 flyer is 105x148mm. Twice the size of the A7 flyer and therefore you can put more text or images on it. This type of flyer is great to hand out at events or fairs as well.

The A5 flyer. This size is recommended on our website because it is the most popular selection. At 148x210mm this is the most common flyer size that you will find.

The A4 flyer. This size obviously needs no explanation. 210x297mm it’s your every day regular paper size that we all know well

The A3 flyer. This is the biggest flyer size that we offer at 420x297mm. The right option if you want to place large images on your flyer.

Medium Square is the midsize square flyer in our assortment. At 148x148mm it’s similar to A5 in width, but with less height.

The large square. I’m sure you saw this one coming; the biggest square flyer at 210x210mm. It’s similar to A4 in width, but with less height.

The DL flyer. This oblong size 99x210mm is used commonly as inserts for magazines

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