Trade Print

Trade Printing

We presently supply print for designers, advertising agencies, print brokers and commercial printers.

Many of these companies already receive good discounts and we feel it is only fair to offer comparable pricing to any legitimate, print/graphics related company.

Trade Printing – confidentiality guaranteed

If you have used our company in the past you will already know the benefits of the confidential service we can offer. Goods can be despatched to yourselves, or direct to your client, under plain packaging with no mention of our name involved.

We have been in the print business for many, many years and understand totally how important it is for you, the print provider, to keep your client relationship intact.

We treat all our clients equally – i.e. we don’t concentrate on our own clients first, to the detriment of yours.

Why we offer trade printing

As bespoke printers, we can offer this trade printing service as generally we are not bogged down with unworkable artwork. Receiving files from clients who understand the print process drastically reduces the time spent in getting a job to print. This time-saving is passed back to you as a discount on our products. However, we never take anything for granted and can assure you all supplied files are ‘flightchecked’ before we commit to print.

As in any business, certain products attract more discount than others. We can offer great deals on volume business card printing for instance.

The trade printing service is aimed at:

  • Design & Advertising Agencies
  • Commercial Printers
  • Print Brokers / Print Management
  • Graphic Design Bureaux
  • Designers / Illustrators

Our trade printing service:

  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Delivery to you, or direct to your client(s) Via DPD
  • We will never knowingly directly approach your client(s)
  • All packaging will be done in plain wrappers

If you sell print, contact us!


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