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Mersey Print Websites General Information

Q: How long does a Website take to build?
A: On average, it takes us between 4-6 weeks to build your website (including testing) once we receive your content (text, images and video).

Q: How many changes are included in the price?
A: We allow one round of inclusive changes once your design has been agreed. This instance is once the site has been set up and your content has been populated, we will give you the opportunity to look through the site with us and talk through any amends needed for the site ahead of it going live. Further changes are available but will be quoted as an additional price.

Q: Can I use my current domain name on my new website?
A: Yes, we can transfer your existing domain name to your new Website. Our customer service team will guide you through the process and once you supply us with you Domain Dashboard details, we will be able to complete the domain transfer.

Q: I don’t have a domain yet; can you help me secure a domain name?
A: Yes, we can help you to search and secure a domain name ahead of your website build.

Q: How much involvement in the process is required by me?
A: We can provide your content (text, images and video) as this can often speed up the delivery, or you can provide your own and our work will begin on receipt. At the end of the process we will provide you with CMS (Content Management System) training over the phone and introduce you to the system.

Q: Can I sell products online?
A: Yes, Ecommerce is a cost-effective way to start selling online.(Additional costs will apply)

Q: Can you provide an e-mail address?
A: Yes, we can set up your email accounts for you.

Q: What do your packages include?
A: You can find out more about the different packages we offer here.

Q: What types of Designs do you use?
A: All our designs were built with growing businesses in mind by our professional in-house team of web developers. Our unique designs are fast, mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

Q: How much is a Website?
A: We have various price packages, you can view all of our packages here.

Q: How do I pay?
A: We ask for 50% of the total cost as a deposit to secure your development work and then we will invoice the final amount upon completion of your website.

Please note, there will be ongoing costs for maintenance for your site.


Q: Can I use my own content?
A: Yes, you can use your existing content (text, images and video)  for your newwebsite.

Q: Can you provide content and how long does it take?
A: Yes, we can provide content (text, images and video) for you.

Q: Can I use my existing photos?
A: Yes, depending on the quality and size of your existing photos. We can also source stock images for you to use.

Q: Do I need a new logo or branding?
A: No, you do not need a new logo or branding, however we will be able to support you if you would like these services(please note there maybe a cost to this service).

Q: Can I include video on my new website?
A: Yes, we can use video on your new website. We also offer video as an additional service if you don’t currently have any video content.

Q: Will I get ongoing support if I need it?
A: Yes, all of our websites are managed by a dedicated Project Manager throughout the website build process. We offer ongoing support if you have any issues or queries regarding your new website.

Q: How do I get started?
A: You can get started by contacting us on 0151 272 0097 |

Q: Is my site optimised for mobile?
A: Yes, all of our designs are mobile friendly and work across desktops, phones and tablets.

Q: If some of the features I need are not on the design I chose, can I add them?
A: Once you have chosen your design, we can look at what additional customisation can be done for your new website.

Please note, additional features may increase the project completion timeline.


Q: Will my website be kept up to date?
A: Yes, we offer a monthly maintenance service where we complete over 100 updates per year to each site to keep them safe and check everything is up to date. (Please note there is a monthly fee for this)

Q: Will my website be GDPR compliant?
A: Yes, your website will meet GDPR legislation.

Q: Will my website be secure (HTTPS://)?
A: Yes, We can add this on your site from £29 per year.


Q: Can I create or edit the website content?
A: Yes, once your website is ready to go live, we will run through basic CMS (Content Management System) training with you over the phone, via screenshare and teach you how you can add or edit your content. Additional training can be provided at an additional cost.


Q: What marketing services do you provide?
A: Our Ascensor marketing services are tailored to your business needs. We are experienced with SEO and content marketing, paid advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and Instagram), social media and email marketing.

Q: Will my website be found on Google?
A: We can work with you on your website SEO (search engine optimisation) to improve your website visibility and help you rank for local search terms. Please note there is an extra cost to this on a monthly basis based on a 30 day contract.

Q: How can I increase sales and enquiries through my site?
A: Our marketing team will work with you to find what digital marketing solution works best for your business to help your new website generate the sales and enquiries it deserves.

Leaving Us:

Q: Can we move our website to another hosting?
A: Yes one of our team can do this for you we have a one of fee of £50 this is to cover the time to backup your website and wetransfer it to your new server provider

Q: Does the domain name belong to me?
A: Yes if we have paid for your domain name under our company the domain name belongs to you can can be transfered to you at any time for a fee of £30 this is to cover any moving fees and time it takes.

Q: What happens to my website once moved?
A: once we check your website has been backed up and moved to your new server we leave your website on our server for 30 days after this we will then terminate your cpanel and all files will be deleted.

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