2021 was fraught with change, industries all across the UK have felt the impact, and the print industry is no different. From the 1st January 2022, we have been subject to rising paper prices.

Over the last few months, we have been dealing with the impact and pressures that Covid-19 and Brexit have had on our paper supply. Fortunately, our strong bonds with manufacturers and great relationships with suppliers have allowed us to reinforce and strengthen our buying power across the supply chain. Our extensive market research and industry predictions allowed us to prepare and delay the impact of rising paper prices for as long as possible to protect your business.

With our forward planning and strong supply chain we have even been able to lower the prices of some of our most popular print products.

With that in mind, we are planning to hold all of our current prices until 1st March 2022.

We understand that for your business to be commercially viable and keep up to date with changes in the industry

If you require a quote please email us at hello@merseyprint.co.uk or call us on 0151272 0097

All online prices will be live soon

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